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. it appears that barack obama received three votes for president and joseph biden received three votes for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of the state of the district of columbia seems to be regular and authentic. it appears that barack obama received three votes for president and joseph biden received three votes for vice president. >> mr. president, certificate of the state of florida seems to be regular and authentic. it appears that barack obama received 29 votes for president and joseph biden received 29 votes for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of the electoral vote of georgia seems to be regular and authentic. it appears that mitt romney received 16 votes for vice president and paul ryan received 16 votes for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of the state of hawaii seems to be regular and authentic. it appears that barack obama received four votes for president and joseph biden received four votes for vice president. >> mr. president, their certificate of the state of idaho seems to be regular and authentic. it appears that mi
in afghanistan at the time of his resignation. the article caught him criticizing president obama and vice president biden. the magazine stands by its reporting. >>> now to syria where president assad addressed his nation in a rare speech just moments ago since the embattled president's last address in june, tens of thousands of syrians have been killed and even more have fled their homeland. more than 60,000 people have been killed across the country and the new year looks to be ushering in the same bloodshed and violence. mohammed jamjoon is watching things from beirut. if you can, break down what he had to say. >> good morning, randi. what we heard was a defiant reporting a lot of the same rhetoric that we heard from him when he's given speeches. rarely he has given them the last couple years but when he's given them or given interviews he disputed the notion that there was even a revolution going on in syria. he talked about how there was no fight in syria between the opposition and government forces, rather, it was between syria and its enemies. here's more of what he had to say speci
. you have the president obama, vice president biden, hillary clinton, john kerry and you now you have senator chuck hagel. that is dangerous to have one world view of the administration when it deals with defense policies. why not have someone like robert gates, someone who has a different view and came from a different background but knew how to manage things. >> jamie: quickly, i assume even a corporate ceo wants a team that shares the views. have you found that to be historically the way president obama operates? >> first, there is a lot more to the point of view and world view of john kerry, hillary clinton and president obama than the fact they were in the senate. there is lot more to personal experience. remember that gates and biden did not want obama, they recommended against obama making the call. so sometimes he agrees and sometimes he disagreeing and he is the president. >> jamie: does he pass confirmation if he is brought up? >> i think he does. >> i don't think so. she already apologizing already and hasn't been nominated. >> jamie: okay, thank you so much. >> gregg: lanc
quoted his aides criticizing president obama's team, including vice president biden. >>> those are your headlines "reliable sources" is at the top of the hour and now back to fareed zakaria "gps. quaes. >>> shame, elation, confusion, irstation, disbelief. those were just some of the emotions americans felt this week as they watched the painful process of democracy in action or in inaction as they went over the fiscal cliff. i was in london. i was furious how it all looked from here and what it means, if anything, for the global economy. joining me now lionel barber, editor of "financial times" and anatole kaletsky. what what i'm struck by, americans tend to look at europe with a certain sense of supure orty. the t.a.r.p. and things like that case where american democracy was sort of able to act in a crisis. does it now look like we're floundering as much as the europeans, the japanese, even worse? >> this was something of a brusal style fluj this was a stop gap measure which essentially prevented, as you say, america going over the fiscal cliff. all the difficult decisions were really p
obama and vice president biden. the magazine stands by its reporting. >>> washington seems hung up on three major issues as the new congress get downs to work. will chuck hagel win confirmation as defense secretary? is this the year for a new gun control law? and the standoff over the debt. here are the highlights from the sunday morning talk shows. >> why isn't chuck hagel the man? should the president nominate him? >> this is an in your face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. >> chuck hagel was a republican senator from nebraska, a decorated veteran of the vietnam war, a person who has a resume that includes service on the foreign relations committee as well as the intelligence committee. yes, he is a serious candidate, if the president chooses to name him. >> you got to remember the second amendment is about freedom. bad guys aren't stupid, they are justices bad f they are intent on doing something bad, they will find a way to get a firearm and use it >> the argument against gun safety provisions is because it doesn't solve everything, we shou
dakota. are you willing to sign on to some of the reforms that vice president biden and president obama are already talking about? >> you know, it's unclear. i mean you read "washington post" stories, and you listen to what the administration says, and so i think what we need to do is we need to take a look at what happened at sandy hook. when i was attorney general, i was tasked with a national task force on school violence. we made a number of recommendations which, in fact, were adopted at sandy hook to help keep schools safer. they weren't adequate. let's start addressing the problem, and to me one of the issues i think screams out of this is the issue of mental health and the care for the mentally ill in our country, especially the dangerously mentally ill. we need to have a broad discussion -- >> the white house is talking about that but are you willing to talk about gun control, as well? >> well, i think you need to put everything on the table, but what i hear from the administration and if "the washington post" is to be believed, that's way -- way in extreme of what i think is n
. >> sure. >> and the very different working relationship between president obama and vice president biden. i mean, we look at just recently the vice president did at the end of the year, helping negotiate the fiscal cliff deal, actually probably was doing that on new year's actually. >> right. >> how about vice president biden be beneficial to this president these next four years? >> i think he's proved it this week. jfk had the master of the senate famously, lyndon johnson, as his vice president. never wanted to use him on the hill because he thought that johnson would freelance too much on his own and get out of kennedy's control, maybe even take kennedy's own influence away from him in congress. barack obama does not have that kind of insecurity, and the result is that he's been able to use joe biden on the hill in a way that he would not have been able to operate had he done this on his own. >> coming into you, michael, we mentioned that it is the week long celebration, centennial celebration of president nixon's birth. is his legacy going to forever be the watergate scandal and his r
. the question is do we fight or do we knuckle under? >> reporter: president obama says he wants action on gun legislation this year. he's asked vice president biden to lead a task force to come up with recommendations on gun policy. they are expected this month. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> president obama is headed back to washington today ending his hawaiian vacation. there's a lot on the agenda once he gets back, including a meeting with the president of afghanistan this week. he's also expected to announce a new secretary of defense, likely former senator chuck hagel. he also has to prepare for his second inauguration. here's the president getting hit in the face with a wave during his vacation. hopefully the holiday with the first family had a few calmer moments than that one. well, the president's not the only one going back to d.c. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected back at work this week. she's been out of office since suffering a nasty fall last month which resulted in a concussion. doctors later found a blood clot in her head. one of the first things on her agenda w
that we're all going to stick by what we have done. >> barack obama's approaches that of ronald reagan. he does not get into specifics or bring in everyone in the room. that is not his style. joe biden fill that in. he was an independent for 36 years. he served with mitch mcconnell. it had broken down obviously between the president and the speaker of the house and the speaker could not deliver the republican membership. it was by a default. but for them, there was not a deal. >> reelected president to is committed to a certain strengthening of the entitlement state. heanted health care to be universal. he has this idea that his job, his mission is to fix the increasing inequality in the country. i do not think he has any interest in cutting entitlements because he thinks it will hurt the ordinary american. you have a republican party committed to attacking the debt and that is why you have a stalemate. apart from the personal, petty stuff, that is the major issue why we are stock. as mark indicated, they elect a republican house, and that is why everything is in a stalemate. >> look at th
conservative republicans in the house and mr. obama, president obama, strangely reluctant to take the lead this week. he left it to vice president biden. >> well, again, i would take a rather more optimistic view about the politics, as well. we can all agree that it's a very messy process, politics all over the world in europe and in washington lionel and i both worked for the fd in washington, so, we understand that process reasonably well. i actually think that the next two months are more encouraged about the outlook for the next two months for what happened in the last few weeks in washington precisely because in a sense they've gone through a cathartic experience. this was very, very ugly and very, very difficult, i think especially for the republican party. so, i think that this potentially sets a precedent whereby you can see majorities certainly in the senate and possibly in the house being formed from the democrats plus a significant number of moderate republicans, which would be capable of coming up with compromises, especially because as i think we've both agreed, it's not about
happened in this latest compromise is how the president delegated joe biden to cut the adams. president obama is a terrible negotiator. it is his way or the highway. he doesn't want to give anything. to jim's point about extremism the biggest problem the country faces is spending, not taxes. pay tax. we need to deal with spending. the president has been irresponsible in dealing with the spending problem. he walked away from the bowles-simpson commission and hasn't put forward any ideas on how to handle entitles. host: you have been dealing with these last minute issues last year when the president and speaker boehner appeared close to an agreement that failed and for the first time in 60 years the senate was in session on new year's day and house of representatives and by the way they collectively have only been in session four times since world war ii between christmas and new year's. this is from c.q. weekly said these are here to say. this cliff side drama. are we seeing more of this? guest: unfortunately we are. but let me go back one second regarding the peggy noonan piece. i read
between mcchrystal and some of his aides, where they're making fun of the vice-president, joe bide biden. shortly after that article he flew to d.c. without advice and offered president obama his resignation after 34 years of service and writes according to an excerpt push blished by the associated press he's typically open and transparent and trusting by nature, but he suggests that the free-lance author of that rolling stone article, michael hastings, might have been unworthy of his trust, still though, he does not blame hastings for the abrupt end to his distinguished career and rights, this is a quote, regardless of how i judged the story for fairness or accuracy, responsibility was mine and there's an account in the new book about the argument between military leaders in kabul and political leaders in d.c. over troop levels, at one point, when things in afghanistan were going downhill, mcchrystal says he asked president obama for 40,000 more troops, but president obama gave him 30,000 and then told him that other countries were going to have to fill in the 10,000 troop gap. the reti
more about how the obama administration plans to curb the nation's gun violence. vice president joe biden is spearheading the group. it is considering proposals such as requiring universal background checks for gun buyers. tracking the movement and sale of weapons through a national database. strengthening mental health policies and increasing penalties for those giving firearms to children or carriage weapons near schools. once the proposals are set, biden will lead an aggressive public relations campaign to drum up support. a san francisco music venue is hosting a benefit for the sandy hook parent/teacher association. sandy hook students just recently went back to school in a new building and the p.t.a. wants to decorate it with paper snow flakes. bottom of the hill on 17th street in san francisco is holding a snow flake-making party and will send them all to connecticut. it will last from noon until 4 today. >>> people in oakland passionate about stopping gun violence took their message to the streets in a peace rally. >> what do we want? >> peace! >> when do we want it? >> now!
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13